Bethel Apostolic Church Care Ministry

(Assisting our pastors in caring for you)



Bro. Gene and Sis. Loretta



Give us a watchword for the hour.

An inspiration word, a word of care.

A battle cry, a flaming sword.

A call to conquest from our Lord.

To hear the Masters highest request.

A word to rouse, the church from rest.

To all mankind, a falling race.

Make known the gift of Gospel Grace.

Jesus said; by this shall they know that ye are my disciples, that ye have love on for another. Loving and caring for each another is the basis of our Care Ministry. Our Brothers and Sisters and their families needs are our priorities and duties. In doing so we assist our "Pastors" in their everyday duties of knowing the needs of our members and their families. Whether sickness, prayer, hospital visitation or needs in time of bereaving for a loved one we are only a phone call away.

Our Care Ministry is made up of people who love the duties of being involved in the ministry of our church. They are people who love the rewards and blessings that God gives for loving one another, praying for the needs of each other and being there in time of need for the body of Christ. So there is no trouble to great, no humiliation to deep, no suffering to severe, no love to strong, no labor to hard, and no expense to great. This is all well worth it to win souls. We care for you and the body of Christ our Lord.


Meet Our Care Leaders